Jemila MacEwan, b. 1985
Jemila MacEwan is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in New York. She was born in Scotland to Sufi parents before immigrating to Australia with her family; this sense of displacement has informed her work as a comfortable outsider. MacEwan works across disparate media – performance, photography, video, painting and sculpture – using each as a form to understand how material transformation can be equated with metaphysical transformation. She seeks ways to understand internal states of becoming as physical transformations – invoking forms such as ghosts, volcanoes, cocoons, and plants. In her most recent sculptural and painting practice, MacEwan has drawn from processes of geological transformation as reflections of the erotic experience. She recently visited Iceland to research volcanoes and active geothermal activity, witnessing how the presence of these natural forces has shaped Icelandic culture. The sculptural work that followed imagines the clay returning to the form of its geological origin.

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